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Shen Yun

Shen Yun

Shen Yun

Shen Yun

Tue, May 9 - Wed, May 10, 2017
  • The Greater Philadelphia Falun Dafa Association
  • Benedum Center
  • start at $74.25

Shen Yun: Connecting Heaven & Earth

There was a time when the world was full of magic and splendor, and all on Earth existed in harmony with Heaven. You could see it in the arts, feel it in the air, and hear it in the beat of a drum. This was a land of heroes and sages, dragons and phoenixes, emperors and immortals. Known today as China, this place was once called "the Land of the Divine."

What if you could journey back and visit this lost paradise?

Shen Yun brings the profound spirit of this lost civilization to life on stage with unrivaled artistic mastery. Every dance movement, every musical note, makes this a stunning visual and emotional experience you won’t find anywhere else. Banned in communist China today, the non-profit Shen Yun is dedicated to reviving 5,000 years of civilization.

Experience art connecting Heaven and Earth! Experience Shen Yun!

“An extraordinary experience! Exquisitely beautiful.” — Cate Blanchett, Academy Award–winning actress

“Absolutely beautiful... one big poetic event, so inspiring; I think I may have found some new ideas for the next Avatar.” — Robert Stromberg, Academy-Award winning production designer for Avatar

 “I've reviewed over 3,000 shows. None can compare to what I saw tonight. Go back and see it about six times.” —Richard Connema, renowned Broadway critic

 “Really out of this world! There is no word to describe it… If I had to, the words might be ‘divine’, ‘reborn’ and ‘hope’…You have to see it to believe it.” — Christine Walevska, Goddess of Cello, watched Shen Yun 4 times

“The human spirit, the dignity, the power, the love coming out of those people was astounding. There is nothing beyond this, nothing.”  — Jim Crill, Producer, watched Shen Yun 3 times

“Mesmerizing! I encourage everyone to see and all of us to learn from.” — Donna Karan, creator of DKNY (New York)






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