Seen & Heard

Seen & Heard

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Seen & Heard

Seen & Heard

Fri, Jun 30 - Sun, Sep 24, 2023
  • Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
  • 707 Gallery

Recent Acquisitions of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

"Through my work I tell a story, carrying messages from ancestors. My work is a celebration of the profound joy of gathering with loved ones and the strength of spiritual connections. It is an expression of the deep pain of racism and the pathways forward, the resilience of African American families and the light that lifts them up. My intention is to give dignity to human suffering, finding rhythms that are both mind-stirring and soul-soothing." — Tina Williams Brewer

In acknowledgement of the historic and systemic underrepresentation of Black artists in visual arts spaces, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust has committed to highlighting and supporting the voices of those communities most frequently excluded, in part, through acquisitions and exhibitions in our public galleries.

This exhibition celebrates recent acquisitions made possible with the generous support of the Richard King Mellon Foundation to purchase works by contemporary Black women artists with ties to the Pittsburgh-region.

The title of the exhibition, Seen & Heard, serves as a powerful testament to the shared desires and collective purpose of the artists included. It represents a longing to transcend the barriers that have historically marginalized and silenced certain voices within the artistic and cultural landscape and embodies a shared determination to reclaim agency and representation, not only for themselves, but also for the communities and histories they represent. Seen & Heard speaks to the transformative power of art and the potential for it to ignite conversations, provoke introspection, and foster empathy. By engaging viewers with their creative endeavors, the artists in this exhibition aim to bridge gaps, facilitate connections, and inspire change. In conversation and collaboration with these inspiring artists, we invite you to join us on this transformative journey as we work together to create spaces that embrace, celebrate, and amplify the multitude of voices that contribute to our collective tapestry of humanity.

Work by:

Joanne Bates
Tina Williams Brewer
Tara Fay Coleman
Elizabeth Asche Douglas
Vanessa German
Ashley A. Jones
Juliandra Jones
Ashanté Josey

This exhibition is presented by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and organized by Yvonne Cook, Art Advisor, ArtsPulse, with Pittsburgh Cultural Staff Trust members:

Sarah Aziz
Kristin Baker
Emily Balawejder
Morgan Barba
Terri Bell
Tara Fay Coleman
Tracy L. Edmunds
Anastasia James


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